We’ll be coming back for the beaches and the food!

This is our second time at the hotel. It is an incredible value for money. The bungalows are set in a pine forest, which is very natural and relaxing. They are basic but spotless with daily maid service and everything you need.

The location is exceptional as it is on the best beach on the island, but if you want to explore other beaches, this is easy to do too. There is entertainment if you’re going to join in, but there is no pressure to do so, and it is straightforward to escape it by finding a tranquil spot on the sandy beach.

The water is crystal clear with waves sometimes, which is great fun for my teenage boy to body surf in. Also just as fun for us to swim in. There is the occasional nudist, but this is an indication of the beauty of the location as in my opinion they seem to find the most beautiful beaches. The outstanding aspect of the hotel is the organization and its staff – amazing suggestions like the mini sub cozumel we want to try next year.

The food is high quality with luxury items – caviar for breakfast, whole smoked salmon, grilled fish every day and the drinks are all the top branded ones and not cheap substitutes. It’s absolutely incredible. The evening entertainment is also high quality and something g to look forward to at the end of the day.

Children are more than adequately catered for, but it is also suitable for couples only. All in all a wonderful holiday and the only place we have ever returned to for a holiday. We will be back every year as long as this formula is not changed.

Beautiful island, Formentera is the perfect getaway for nature/beach loving people who detest full places and concrete beach towns. Maryland is the ideal resort for such a perfect island, with its beautiful little villas, friendly staff, and relaxed atmosphere.

Until you go in one of those villas and you get disappointed about how old all the furniture and equipment is. The resort is very much worth an urgent uplift of its interior equipment since the furniture and old bathroom fixtures ruin a lot of the perfect feel you get when relaxing in such a beautiful place.